“Stateless, arrogant, and lunatic” was what the British government called Gilel Storch, when in 1945 he was preparing to go down to Berlin and negotiate with Heinrich Himmler about saving Jews. Storch, himself a Jew, had been personally invited by Reichsführer Himmler. Storch cooperated with a most varied group of people – German spies, Swedish foreign ministers, men like Raul Wallenberg and Folke Bernadotte and with Felix Kersten, Himmler´s masseur. These individuals were all threads in a very fine weave which really was not permitted to exist. From completely different vantage points, and with entirely different objectives, these people met in their attempts at saving the victims of the Holocaust. But this is not only the story of a few activists. It is also the story of their endeavors at raising the consciousness of the democratic governments of the world and how futile these attempts were initially. Through thorough studies of original sources and led by a strong need to understand and explain, Lena Einhorn tells about these unbelievable meetings in the shadow of the Second World War.

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“Stateless, Arrogant and Lunatic”  (the drama documentary)

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