The members of the family disappeared one by one. In the end, only Nina and her brother Rudek were left. In the last days of the ghetto’s existence, they were smuggled out. What happened then, is drama on the highest level.

Nina had lived what seemed to be a fairly normal life in the Warsaw ghetto. She studied, went to parties, fell in love and took her high-school exam. But then her friends and relatives start vanishing from her sight. When Nina flees from the burning hell of the ghetto, there are only a few hundred people still alive of the ghetto’s original half million inhabitants. Nina is hidden for two years by Polish Catholics and escapes death by a hair’s breadth. Nina’s own words, recorded by her daughter Lena, are interwoven into this almost unbelievable story of survival. Her very personal tales gives new credibility to historic events.

– Winner of the August award 2005, “Swedish non-fiction Book of the Year”

– More than 200,000 copies sold in Sweden.

– English manuscript available.


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Nina’s Journey (the feature film)

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